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What We Do

At Irrigation Analysis, our #1 goal is to help our clients to save water through improved irrigation system function and efficiency! The identified water savings discovered and documented in our system audits can be implemented immediately and will result in lasting savings for years to come. Our clients have saved, and continue to save millions of gallons of water per year.

Customer First

We work for you, our client, with your best interest in mind. We do not benefit from our recommendations, and strive to provide you the most cost-effective solutions, with the greatest water saving opportunities. The Irrigation Analysis team will work closely with you, and can assist in implementing the prescribed irrigation repairs and upgrade recommendations through our Project Management Services.

Experts in water conservation and irrigation efficiency.

What Happens at an Efficiency Audit/Assessment

Step One: The Efficiency Assessment starts in the field with a system data collection from each zone while it is operating.

Step Two: Programming and scheduling features of the system and controllers are also reviewed and noted.

Step Three: We organize the details of our audit and provide our analysis in a System Efficiency Report. This report includes a high-level summary with an expected savings and return on investment (ROI) calculation for our recommendations. Our reports include detailed recommendations to improve the efficiency for each zone, and a summary for use by decision makers.

From our efficiency assessment, it is typical to find 20-40% in water savings!

These savings come when the recommended irrigation efficiency repairs and upgrades have been completed and the system is being actively managed.

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