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Sustainability & Conservation

Irrigation Analysis understands the importance of efficient water use and conservation, especially with our world increasingly facing climate change, droughts, and water shortages. We believe in practical, sustainable solutions and avoid fluff, hype, or “feel good” window dressing. Our focus is on water efficiency and savings, while also valuing attractive greenspaces that improve our lives, businesses, society, and environment.


The Limited Supply of Fresh Water

Consider the fact that while water covers 2/3 of the Earth’s surface, fresh water comprises only 3% of the Earth’s total water. Almost 70% of that fresh water is locked up in polar ice caps and glaciers. That leaves only 1% of all the Earth’s water available to sustain the worldwide water needs of humans, plants, and animals. So it is more crucial than ever that we practice water-saving measures to ensure access to clean water for all.

The Benefits Trees, Lawns, and Greenspaces

Trees, lawns, landscapes, and gardens are not only beautiful, but also remove CO2 and trap pollutants from the atmosphere. Lawns alone remove 6 tons of CO2 per year, per acre from the atmosphere. Trees provide cooling through their shade and evapotranspiration, while lawns provide great cooling effects, with the average front lawn of one home providing as much cooling effect as three typical home central air conditioning units. Irrigation Analysis takes a vital interest in cost-effective, efficient water use and conserving our water resources while maintaining and retaining attractive trees and landscapes that enhance our quality of life.

The Energy Cost of Water Transport

Reducing water use and waste, or increasing the efficiency of usage, is also essential for overall energy savings. According to the EPA, approximately 35% of the annual U.S. energy use goes towards non-consumptive water related activities such as water transport, heating, and wastewater treatment. By reducing water use or waste by 20%, we could reduce our country’s overall energy use by 7%.

Greenspaces Make Us Happy

An attractive, green, and well-maintained landscape has many psychological benefits. People prefer settings with plants over those lacking vegetation, and research shows that attractive landscape settings reduce stress, promote peace and tranquility, enhance self-esteem, and lead to a greater sense of mastery of the environment. At Irrigation Analysis, we understand the value of landscapes beyond their aesthetic appeal and strive to help our clients achieve cost-effective, efficient water use while maintaining beautiful and beneficial greenspaces.

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