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Schools and campus’ represent a great opportunity for water savings and we generally see that while their systems are functioning, they are often not working well. IA can help by first understanding and explaining their water use and then to identify the specific opportunities that exist to cost effectively improve their systems’ efficiency in order to reduce their water use. IA’s documented and detailed system and efficiency findings can generally identify 20-40% or greater water savings. IA can then work with the Manager and staff or the selected contractor to assist with full, turn key or limited project management of the recommended, water savings efficiency repairs and upgrades. It is important that when the school decides to correct their efficiency issues that this work is implemented properly so the results of the work and investment to save water do result in the expected water savings. IA similarly can assist with planning, design, project management of the implementation on turf conversions of non-essential lawn areas into low water use, native grass or other landscape materials. IA can work with your Sustainability Program and Sustainability Director or Manager to develop a plan for achieving significant water savings and can look at campus water use beyond just the irrigation system. One campus that IA worked with through our Water Saver process, system efficiency audit through implementation is now saving 15 Million gallons of water per year!

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