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Landscape & Turf Conversion

Irrigation Analysis assists and directs with landscape or turf conversions to reduce water use. We offer turnkey or one-off, single project management services that cover strategy, planning, design, project consulting, bidding, and project implementation with management and oversight of low water use, landscape conversions.

Convert Your Landscape. Save Water.

There is a growing trend and shift towards lower water use and more Colorado-appropriate landscapes to save and reduce water use. The Irrigation Analysis team has the knowledge and experience to assist with your low water landscape or turf conversion project.

Your Expert Landscape Conversion Team

Landscape and turf conversions can to be complex, requiring knowledge, experience, and creativity to successfully accomplish. Each conversion site, client, and landscape, whether new or existing, presents unique needs and requirements. We serve as our client’s representative to oversee and facilitate the conversion work with your selected contractor.

Additionally, there is typically an irrigation element to most conversion projects. Irrigation Analysis brings our expertise to either work with the existing system, set up a temporary system during the conversion, or design a new system or parts of a new system to serve the converted landscape.

Lastly, it is crucial to maintain and preserve existing trees in conversion projects. Irrigation Analysis has an experienced and ISA and ASCA certified staff arborist and horticulturist to help with this aspect of the landscape conversion.

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