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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Irrigation Analysis and our services. Still have questions? Please Contact us so we can answer them!

What services does Irrigation Analysis provide?

Our services include Irrigation Efficiency Assessments, Efficiency Upgrades, Project Management, Irrigation and Turf/Landscape Conversions, Water Management Services, Training, and/or Irrigation Consulting services matched to your specific needs.

Does Irrigation Analysis perform the irrigation repairs and upgrades?

No, Irrigation Analysis acts on your behalf as your water savings and efficiency experts, consultants, and project managers, but we are not contractors and do not perform the actual efficiency work. We are not trying to sell anything and we like being in the position of providing unbiased irrigation efficiency recommendations. There are plenty of landscape and irrigation companies that can provide the work and we can work with your existing contractor or assist in bidding out the necessary efficiency work as desired.

Why are these irrigation efficiency services important?

Our assessment recommendations typically lead to 20% to 40%, or greater, water savings compared to prior irrigation water usage. IA works to document and improve the system efficiency to minimize water loss and waste and avoid excessive watering which leads to immediate and long-term water savings. We can also provide many other water saving and efficiency related services.

How much does it cost?

You choose the water saver services that best fit your property’s needs. We typically work in progressive steps, through our proprietary Water Saver Package or we can provide hourly consultation services. Whichever approach you choose, your water savings most always exceeds the cost of our services.

What is the water saving process?

We often start by conducting a Water Use Survey. Next, assuming we find the potential for significant water savings, we then proceed with in-depth irrigation system assessment with detailed recommendations to maximize system efficiency and to provide the path to significant water savings. You can approve each step individually or choose our complete Water Savers Package.

Is this just an Irrigation Assessment?

Our service is much more than a generic irrigation assessment or audit. We call our process a Practical Water Audit. We look at each part of the irrigation system in a detailed, data driven manner and provide an actionable, system and efficiency report. Our objective is to achieve the greatest water conservation possible while maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape, all in a cost-effective way. Our Irrigation Association and QWEL Certified Auditors can also provide aDistribution Uniformity (DU) Test using catch cups to determine the irrigation zone distribution uniformity and coverage as needed too.

How long does this in-depth Efficiency Audit process take?

From approval, the process typically takes 30-45 days to complete our field work, analysis, and report. We will then meet with each client to review the audit report and go over our findings and recommendations and answer any questions. Then, you can decide how to improve approach improving your systems’ efficiency and to reduce your water use. Your water savings begin as soon as the implementation process is started and we can help with that if you need too.

How involved or time consuming is the water saving process for me and my staff?

We work to minimize your time involved; all while keeping you informed. We’re pleased to work with, answer questions, and involve you or your representative(s) at any time during the process. Once we provide the report, you will have all the essential details and water saving information. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, we are pleased to further assist.

Can the Irrigation Analysis water savings program work for single family homes?

Yes, the same principals apply to sites large and small and our services can help you to save water no matter the size of your property. However, while you will be saving water, it often takes longer for the savings to build up due to the scale of smaller landscapes.

What Makes Irrigation Analysis Different?

We are highly experienced and certified. We are not contractors; we are unbiased experts that are passionate about water savings and efficiency for our clients. Unlike other providers, we bring not only technical irrigation background and experience but also have extensive landscape, tree and horticultural solutions to our client and can assist with turf conversions to low water use landscapes too. Our number one priority is to save you water and money. We want what is best for you and will adapt our services to meet your unique needs.

Can Irrigation Analysis assist us with planning and implementation of turf conversions to low water use native grass and landscaping?

Yes, Irrigation Analysis can help with the design and then implementation and project management services for turf conversions and lower water use native grasses and low water use trees, shrubs, and perennials. We bring and can share our understanding and experience with these to assist in coordinating and communicating throughout the process.

When can we start?

The initial Water Survey can be done at any time of the year. We recommend conducting the initial Water Survey during the Fall or Winter when possible. The later stages of the process, the Practical Water Audit and then Implementation are typically completed during the active irrigation season (April – October). Contact us so we can discuss your water savings situation and proposal and so we can provide a more detailed timeline for your project.

What groups and organizations is Irrigation Analysis affiliated with?

We are proud to be certified or affiliated with the following organizations.